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    KSD Background

    KSD (KoreaStarDaily.com) was founded in 2010, we are fans of Kpop, K-Drama, Style Beauty, Travel, etc...


    KSD currently serving over 4 Million audience per month; mostly teen, young ladies, office girls.


    KSD 是追韓劇達人、用心聽歌、又喜歡分享K-Beauty、流行小物品!





  • Our Audience


    Audience and Traffic

    4 Mil monthly UU, 800,000+ facebook fans, 150,000+ webio followers!

    85% of our audience are GIRLS!

    • They are Youth, teen, Office Lady and Young Housewife!
    • Spend most time on INTERNET than any other media in their daily life!
    • Key interests on Beauty, Moible, Fashion, Catering, Travel!
    • More than 8 Millions visits per month!
    • More than 4 Million unique visitors per month!
    • 20 Millions Page views per month!
    • Mobile App Accumulated download 200,000 times !



    每月3百50萬獨立瀏覽用戶(Unique Visitors) - 780,000 + facebook fans, 150,000 微博 Follower..etc...

    整體用戶女性佔85% 以上 !

    • 整體用戶女性佔85% 以上,用戶為學生至20多歲的在職人士,18-24歲為最大比重(41%),55%為大專或以上學歷
    • 互聯網是佔他們日常生活中最多時間的媒體
    • 對美容、服裝、流動電話、時尚產品、旅遊服務都有莫大興趣
    • 每月超過 8百萬 瀏覽人次 (Visits)
    • 每月超3百50萬 獨立用戶(Unique Visitors)
    • 每月1千8萬瀏覽頁 (Pageviews)
    • 手機App 累計 20萬人次下載 


    Mobile (App + Web) Pop up Interstitial

    手機 (App + Web) 彈出式廣告

    - The Ad will pop up when user switch on our App

    - Support both HTML5 and Static Image

    - High CTR


    - 此廣告會於用戶開啟韓星網App / Web 時彈出全頁廣告

    - 支援 HTML5 及 圖片

    - 高點擊率

    Facebook Post / Advertorial Write Up

    - Help Brands and Products deliver their message on KSD site + Facebook fan page.

    - Includes Write-up of Both FB post and Advertorial

    - 780,000 + fans with high engagement rate!


    - 於KSD 網站 + Facebook 粉絲團,為品牌分享產品資訊給我們的用戶

    - 撰寫廣編內文及Facebook 粉絲團Post

    - 780,000 + 高互動率粉絲團用戶

    Native Ad Promo

    "Native" the 3rd content of "New Content listing", delivery on both PC & Mobile Web


    "廣編" 推廣位於 "最新文章" 第三個位置

    首頁讚助廣告 (Sponsor Ad on Index Page)

    Sponsor Ad - Desktop Site Only - ROS

    PC 版讚助廣告

    Billboad Banner + 2 skinners + LREC

    (Billboard刊頭 + 兩旁 Skinners + LREC)


    BigSuperBanner+LREC in Syn

    Banner Ads


    Top Banner, LREC, Mobile Banners etc...


  • Content Licensing


    Content - Photo - Video Licensing

    內容 - 照片 - 影片授權

    We own licensed content, photo, video produced by our editorial team is licensing to website, newspaper, TV station, magazine in Greater China, Japan, Korea, SEA, etc...




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  • Agency


    Match up Korea Artists with Brands



    We dedicated to provide Entertainment agency services, PR agency and Brand manager, local entertainment and production company please contact us for detail.









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